What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home allows a special family to become part of the Jessee Doodles program by allowing them to have a dog in their home while allowing us to breed the dog for our breeding program.

Do I get to keep the dog?

Our guardianship program provides a free puppy to your home after the dog owned by Jessee Doodles completes their time in our breeding contract. This stipulation also is provided that the home follows the guardian program contract.

How do I qualify for Jessee Doodles Guardianship Program?:

  • Your home mustn’t contain an intact dog of the opposite sex as the guardian dog.
  • Other than reproductive care, the guardian is responsible for all veterinary care of guardian dog.
  • You must live within 3 hours and be willing to host a dog for breeding. For example, if you are the guardian of one of my studs, you live more than an hour away, you must be willing to allow the female to be dropped off for a period of time, and/or be willing to bring the stud to the breeders home.
See contract for a more detailed description of rights and responsibilities.