F2b Intense Red Standard Goldendoodle

Rosie is a maiden dam in our program. She weighs about 50lbs. She will be ready for her first litter sometime around October! We are so excited to pass on Rose’s loving and gentle temperament. Although shy, she never passes up a game of fetch and when she gets to know you, she looks into your soul with her piercing amber eyes! She’s a joy to have around. 



F1B Apricot Small Standard Goldendoodle

Juniper is a maiden dam in our program. She is still a pup but her adult size is expected to stay under 45lbs and we hope to breed her to our mini Goldendoodle stud, Scooby. This will make her the mother to our first litter of minis! Juniper is a sweet girl. She loves to cuddle. She’s spunky with the other dogs despite being so much smaller than the rest of them!